Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Things Are Coming Your Way!

Hello everybody!

This week is coming to an end! Hopefully it has been successful for all of you because something dreadful happened this week!

The work truck broke down! Terrible!

It's up and running now but it did put us behind a day, which of course is not great for business.
However, everything's back to normal and now we can do what we love to do:
Serve you, our clients!

Anyway, we mentioned in the title that big things are coming your way and we're absolutely right!

A complete reconstruction of how we run residential and commercial jobs is underway, thanks to designs for various mailers, and other items that will make us doing business with you 100% easier!

It will be revamped and enhanced basically to prove that we are not just some average, run-of-the-mill window washing company.  We want to show you how important you are to us and we believe this new approach to serving you will allow us to do our job better, making your life easier!

Within the next month, be prepared for Brilliant Elegance LLC mailers, a chance to enter our new Referral Rewards Program, allowing you to recieve various prizes by simply referring new clients to us, and a Testimonial Book, giving second, third, and many more opinions about our work performance and what makes us the #1 Window Washing Company!

Our goal is to simply reach out to as many people as possible to keep their windows clean and beautiful, just as they should be! Including yours!

As this week comes to an end, We just want to wish everyone a safe and eventful Friday and weekend! Keep us in mind for all of your window cleaning needs. Plus, we can service you in many more ways than just window cleaning!

Check out our website to learn more!

Your Window Washing Company,
Brilliant Elegance LLC
(956) 445-9755

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